Why hiring an interior designer is a good idea.

As the weather cools down and we start spending more time indoors, our focus can shift toward the interiors of our homes and how they look. This can be a good time to think about hiring an interior designer if you haven’t ever done so. Whether you have no idea where to begin, have ideas but need help tying things together or don’t have the time to execute a plan yourself, hiring an interior designer can be a smart decision, especially if you have invested a good bit of money into your home and want to showcase it to look its best. If you hire a good and experienced designer you will be happy that you choose to do so. Here are few good reasons to think about taking the plunge and what you should expect if you do. Interior Designers can save you time and money. It might sound strange to hear that hiring a designer can save you money since you will incur the additional cost of a design fee, however doing so could potentially help you avoid costly mistakes. Have you ever spent time searching for and then buying items, only to decide you are not happy with them once at home? Making selections for your home can be overwhelming but with a good designer’s assistance you will be steered in the right direction so your entire space can come together as a whole.

  1. Interior designers provide a professional assessment and work within your budget. A good, experienced designer can give you a professional assessment of your home to help you determine what can be repurposed and what should be edited. This information can help you determine your budget which your designer should work within, or tell you up front if it isn’t realistic give the scope of the project. Additionally, your designer should develop a full plan before making any purchases so you will know exactly what your project will cost before you start spending money.

    Interior designers are experts at space planning.  A good designer will be well versed in space planning and can determine the best furniture layout for a space. This is critical to determine how the room functions and how it reads aesthetically. Your designer can, and should, provide you with a detailed floor plan indicating the sizes of all furniture pieces. This will ensure that the furniture you are purchasing will fit your space and make your room look and feel its best.

  2. Interior Designers can provide you with a quality rendering. If you have trouble envisioning how your space will look once the project is finished, you can hire a designer who is able to hand draw a rendering or who is experienced with rendering software. This can be an invaluable tool to help you see what your room will look like before you start to finalize your design plan.

  3. Interior Designers are your liaison. If you are taking on a renovation project, your designer will help build a good relationship with your architect or contractor early on and can head off design misses in your overall plan. This is crucial in managing time and money. Additionally, designers are trained to think about things you may overlook. It is important that the lighting, furnishing, and traffic flow issues be addressed before construction begins in any project. If your living room sofa is floating in a the middle of the room you want to make sure that you not only have proper outlets available but that you are not tripping over them when you walk through the room.

  4. Interior Designers will give you the Wow Factor. Designers can help to give you the “wow” factor you’ve been looking for. They are trained to know scale, proportion, color, size, texture, etc. and to see an overall picture that a client often cannot.  They will introduce elements into a space that you may not have considered without their input.  They can help you push the limit that leads to a truly amazing result. I hope I have given you some insight about how a good interior designer can help you make your home the space you have always dreamed it could be.